David Aptsiauri – One Belt One Road – “Chinese Initiative as a New Model of Global Economic Cooperation”

Author: David Aptsiauri, General Director of the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Research Fellow at the Levan Mikeladze Diplomatic Training and Research Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia (until August 2019)

July 2019

Why BRI can be considered as a new and promising model of global economic cooperation?

Arguments in favor

• BRI is open for joining to all potential participants based on freedom of choice in making a decision for cooperation ( principle of transparency of the concept of BRI).,, BRI originated in China , but it belongs to the World.

• At present we observe a new wave of disputes in Global framework of international relations; US – China ( trade ), US – Russia ( security concerns, occupation by Russia the territories of neighboring countries, economic sanctions and etc), US-European Union ( trade, migration policy and etc), European Union – Russia ( occupation by Russia the territories of the neighboring countries, economic sanctions and etc), exposure of different positions on some aspects of political and economic policies towards foreign partners inside the European Union., crisis in the Middle East and so on.

• China tries to promote transparency and zero tolerance to corruption based on ,, Clean Silk Road,, concept announced at the 2019 Beijing BRI Forum.

• China chose a good momentum for announcement of a new initiative since starting from 2008 the international community had been facing the severe consequences of the World financial crises, including the financial turbulence of the Euro zone later and decline of effectiveness of the World Bank to prevent the risks for Global economic stability.