for foreigners

The diplomatic Institute has designed special education programs to
suit needs and interests of foreign diplomats and other foreigners living in Georgia

About Georgia

The Diplomatic Institute has designed the programme “About Georgia” for foreign diplomats accredited in Georgia. We offer the participants illuminating insights into Georgian culture and history to help make their stay in the country a truly rewarding experience.

The programme consists of two components – a series of lectures and tours of prominent cultural centres in Tbilisi. It offers participants captivating presentations on Georgia’s European past, the history of diplomacy in Georgia, Georgian literature from the beginning until now, the urban and architectural heritage of Tbilisi, Georgia’s tangible and intangible heritage, etc.

The tours in the Occupation Museum and the Georgian National Museum’s Gold Collection, Art Palace, sightseeing in Old Tbilisi and beyond – these elements have been carefully designed to awaken both interest and understanding of Georgia’s rich history and cultural diversity; from its political upheavals to its gastronomic delights, but moreover, we aim to make their stay in Georgia a truly unforgettable experience.

“About Georgia” is one-month free programme and it is held every year.

Georgian Language Course

If you are a foreign diplomat accredited in Georgia or a foreign national living in our country and are fed up with hearing incomprehensible conversations and checking online dictionaries for vocabulary and enthusiastic about expressing yourself in Georgian, you are close to making this wish a reality. Our institute and the Language School are offering a special language course for you to learn Georgian and navigate you though its unique grammar.

Enrollment is every September. For detailed information, please reach us at 032 294 50 00 (2398)

Briefly About the Georgian Language:

Georgian is one of the ancient languages that was created before the time of Christ. As a living organism it has undergone many changes, both in oral and written forms. Today, nobody uses the archaic form of the Georgian language. The Georgian alphabet consists of 33 letters and each one calls for great efforts and diligence to be pronounced properly. Though Georgian is not easy to acquire due to its complex grammar, don’t be too scared! Georgian has its own simplicities as well: for example, Georgian is totally phonetic and has no gender differences.

The Georgian alphabet (Mrgvlovani, Nuskhuri and Mkhedruli) has been added to the UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative List in 2016.