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LEPL Leval Mikeladze Diplomatic Training and Research Institute under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia was founded in 2012.
Our main goal is to improve the professional development of the diplomatic service staff, as well as civil servants of other government agencies and thus to contribute to the implementation of Georgia’s foreign policy strategy.
The Institute, therefore, has been undertaking active efforts to provide advanced training programmes for diplomats, carry out research studies and offer interesting awareness-raising programmes to our foreign visitors to increase their understanding of Georgia.

Training Programmes

For Diplomats

To strengthen the Georgian diplomatic corps, our diplomats undergo mandatory or optional training courses provided by us.

For Civil Servants

The Institute regularly offers civil servants various training courses and programmes relating to foreign policy and international relations.

Other programmes and courses

Various training courses and programmes are designed to suit the needs of a broad spectrum of audience. Any person can have an access to them.

Levan Mikeladze Diplomatic
Training and Research Institute

Levan Mikeladze – The Leader

After a prolonged interval, the first Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Georgia opened in 1992. Obviously, the original staff had to act as guides in terms of determining foreign policy and building up international relations, gathering allies, developing friendly relations. Therefore, diplomats came under the magnifying glass, as it was their resourcefulness, flexibility and accuracy upon which rested the function of guiding the institution, thus, achieving victory for the entire team. Levan Mikeladze was one of the most notable figures among said diplomats.

Our Team

Our Projects

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