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The Levan Mikeladze Diplomatic Training and Research Institute (DTRI) was founded in 2011 under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia (MFA) as part of its HR Department. However, it soon changed its status and became a Legal Entity of Public Law (LEPL).  In 2014, LEPL was named after a distinguished Georgian Diplomat, Levan Mikeladze. In 2018, in addition to previous functions, mostly related to the design and implementation of professional development training programs, the Institute also launched a new – research and analytical component.

The Institute’s mission and vision are to become a center of excellence in regard to professional education and capacity building for the MFA staff, public officials from other state institutions in Georgia and representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited to Georgia, as well as a center of excellence in research and analytical work aimed to support Georgia’s foreign policy strategy development and implementation.

Levan Mikeladze Diplomatic
Training and Research Institute

Levan Mikeladze – The Leader

After a long ‘Soviet pause’, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was first opened in an independent Georgia in 1992. Naturally, its original team was tasked with the objective of setting up new avenues, defining foreign policy, forming ties on the international arena, gathering allies, and building friendly relations with them. Ergo, those diplomats found themselves under the focus of a magnifying glass, as treading the aforementioned new paths in order to achieve victory for the team depended on their dexterity and accuracy. Levan Mikeladze was one of the prominent figures among them.

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